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What's the difference between a Featured New Release and a New Release Alert?

Last Updated: Aug 09, 2018 01:04PM EDT

Featured New Releases and New Release Alerts are both email tools letting BookBub members know about newly-released books, but there are a few key differences.


Audience: Featured New Releases are sent to all US BookBub readers subscribed to a single category. New Release Alerts are only sent to an author’s US-based followers.


Availability: There is an editorial selection process for Featured New Releases. In order for a book to be considered for a Featured New Release, you must submit it to BookBub’s editorial team.


New Release Alerts are available to all authors. To send a New Release Alert, all you need to do is add an eligible book to your Author Profile. Our team will automatically check it’s eligibility, and we’ll notify you when your alert has been scheduled.  


Cost: Featured New Release fees are based on the selected book’s category. New Release Alerts are completely free.


Timeline: You must submit a book for a Featured New Release on or before the ebook release date. You may submit a new book up to 6 months before the release date. We will let you know whether the book has been selected within one week of your submission, but the final fee will not be determined until we are within 30 days of the release date.


You can add a book to your profile for New Release Alert review at any time during your preorder period or up to 7 days after the release date. It can take up to one week for our team to confirm your New Release Alert details, and for books added during the preorder period, we may not confirm your alert details until the week before your release date.
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