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How can I claim profiles for the authors I work with?

As an author assistant, publicist, agent, or other marketer, you can set up Featured Deals, New Releases For Less, BookBub Ads, and Preorder Alerts for the authors you work with through your own Partner Dashboard account, but only author accounts are able to claim Author Profiles

If you work with an author and would like to manage their presence on BookBub, you’ll need to set up an author account for them, or ask them to create one themselves, to claim their Author Profile and manage their book data. You’re welcome to coordinate that process with the authors you work with however you like, but in order to verify each author’s identity and approve their profile claim, we require them to log in to a social media account.

We need to associate each Author Profile with a unique email address, so if you work with multiple authors, you’ll need to manage each profile under a separate Partner Dashboard account.

Updated on June 1, 2021

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