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New Releases for Less Submission Requirements & Advice

Which books qualify for New Releases for Less?

You can submit any upcoming ebook release that is available for purchase on major ebook retailers. We’re currently featuring books priced around $6 or less.

We will only feature full-length ebooks. Novels and collections of short stories or novellas should be at least 150 pages in length, works of nonfiction at least 100 pages, cookbooks at least 70 pages, middle grade books at least 100 pages, and children’s picture books at least 20 pages. We currently do not feature stand-alone novellas or short stories.

Box sets must be wholly comprised of brand-new content. Previously-published works are not eligible for New Releases for Less.

Does my book have to be discounted for New Releases for Less?

No, your book does not have to be discounted to be eligible! As long as it will be priced around $6 or less on the day of your feature (whether that is the full price or a deal price), our editors can consider it for a feature in this email. Please note that the price of a book may factor into our editors’ decisions about which books to feature.

When should I submit my book for a New Releases for Less feature?

You can submit a book for a New Releases for Less feature starting 6 months before the release date, up until the release date. We cannot accept New Releases for Less submissions after the ebook release date has passed.

If your book is selected, we will schedule the feature for the first available weekly email within four weeks after its release date. 

If a book is selected for a New Releases for Less feature, that book will not be eligible for a Featured Deal within 30 days of the New Releases for Less email date. Different books by the same author may have Featured Deals and New Releases for Less within the same month.

How can I increase the chances of my book getting selected?

Our editors are selecting books for New Releases for Less based on their knowledge of the type of content our readers are currently responding best to in each category. This can include particular plot elements or tropes our readers enjoy or authors whose books they’ve been excited about in the past. In order to help our editors know whether your new book might be a good fit for our readers, we’d recommend including links to early reviews from bloggers or readers, blurbs from authors, and any other information that may help our editors assess the content and early reception of your new book. 

We have a limited number of spots available in each weekly New Releases for Less email, so similarly to our Featured Deal selection process, your book will be compared to the other books in your genre our editorial team is reviewing for the same release window. Changes in the quality and volume of books our editors are reviewing for a given week may impact the selection criteria.

Updated on July 29, 2021

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