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What’s the difference between New Releases For Less and a New Release Alert?

New Releases for Less and New Release Alerts are two different email tools our partners can use to let BookBub members know about newly-released books, with completely different audiences, eligibility requirements, and costs.

New Releases for Less is a weekly email highlighting editorially-curated ebook releases at low prices in readers’ favorite categories. Partners must submit books to our editorial team for consideration, and only a select number of the books that are submitted will be featured. Each feature reaches all US BookBub readers subscribed to a single category, and we charge a flat fee based on that category. This tool provides a way for authors and publishers with competitively-priced releases to achieve significant scale for their launch campaigns by reaching millions of readers.

New Release Alerts are dedicated emails sent to an author’s US followers when they release a new ebook. New Release Alerts are free for all authors — to send a New Release Alert, all you need to do is add a new book to your Author Profile. Our team will automatically check its eligibility, and we’ll notify you when your alert has been scheduled. Learn more about New Release Alerts here.

Learn about the other ways you can promote your new releases with BookBub here.

Updated on June 1, 2021

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