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How do I pay for my promotions?

The first time you schedule a BookBub Ads campaign, Featured Deal, New Releases For Less feature, or Preorder Alert through your Partner Dashboard, we’ll prompt you to add a payment method to your account. You may use either PayPal or a credit card as your payment method. 

BookBub will use this payment method to charge you for the promotions you run. We’ll email you receipts for successful payments via email. If a payment fails, we will pause your promotions and notify you via email. We ask that you update your payment information as soon as possible. You can edit your preferred payment method here.

If you run a very large number of promotions with us each month, you may request to be billed via invoice instead. Please contact us or email your rep if you have any questions about billing or payments.

Updated on June 8, 2021

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