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Recommended Account Notifications

You can review and update your BookBub partner account notifications here. We encourage you to sign up for tips and updates about the tools you’re interested in to make sure you’re using them as effectively as possible, and to be the first to hear about new features!

As a BookBub partner, we also recommend signing up to receive BookBub reader emails so you can better understand our members’ experience and how our promotions work. We suggest you review the following preferences for your account on BookBub.com:


  • Featured Deals and New Releases For Less are sent to BookBub members based on their category preferences. Partners may also target BookBub Ads campaigns by category preference.
  • Sign up to the categories your books or the books you promote are in to see which titles we’re featuring for those audiences of readers.

Click here to update your category preferences.

Retailers & Format 

  • Review your retailer and format preferences to tailor our email links to your personal preferences.
  • We’d recommend that book marketers sign up to all relevant retailers or book formats of the books they are promoting. 

Click here to update your retailer and book format preferences.

My Authors

  • If you are an author, follow yourself to receive all the same emails as the readers who follow you once your Author Profile is live.  
  • If you work with authors, follow each author you’ll be promoting to receive alerts about their Featured Deals, preorders, and new releases to your own inbox.
  • Please note that if you opt out of particular types emails in the Notifications section, such as “When an author I follow has a preorder”, you will no longer receive those types of emails for any of the authors you follow.

Click here to search for authors to follow.


  • Check your notifications to opt in to the book discovery emails our readers receive, including our Featured Deals emails, weekly New Release For Less emails, and author and book alerts.
  • As a reminder, you can review your Partner email notifications here.

Click here to review your reader email notifications.

Make sure you adjust the correct email preferences

Please note that all preferences on the BookBub.com notifications page are for the reader side of our website. For example, selecting “Tips on how to use BookBub features” will opt you in to receiving email tips on how to use BookBub to find new great books to read, NOT how to use BookBub’s partner marketing tools to sell your books.

Updated on June 1, 2021

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