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How many readers will receive my Preorder Alert?

Preorder Alerts are sent to US BookBub members who are subscribed to receive alerts about the authors they follow. Not all BookBub members are subscribed to receive author alerts, so the number of readers eligible to receive a Preorder Alert is often less than an author’s total follower count.

For co-authored or multi-author titles, all eligible readers who follow any of the included authors will automatically receive a Preorder Alert for that book.

The final cost of a Preorder Alert is based on total eligible followers, and is determined 30 days in advance of the alert’s mailing date. However, all eligible followers as of the mailing date will receive the Preorder Alert email. You’ll see an estimated eligible follower count when you schedule an alert, but please note that this number may change by the alert’s mailing date.

Updated on August 24, 2021

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