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Which books are eligible for New Release Alerts?

Newly published ebooks by authors with BookBub Author Profiles will be eligible for New Release Alerts. In order to qualify for an alert, the book must be added to your profile before, on, or up to seven days after its release date. This means you can add a preorder book to your profile before the release date, or wait until the book is live. Ebooks must be released within 90 days of the paperback edition in order to qualify for a New Release Alert. We’ll always send New Release Alerts as close to the ebook’s release date as possible, but the latest we can send an alert for a new book is up to 14 days after the release date.

Full-length books, novellas, and box sets are all eligible for New Release Alerts. The page length requirements for alerts are below:

Fiction: 70+ pages

Nonfiction: 100+ pages

Cookbooks: 70+ pages

Children’s picture books: 20+ pages

Collections of novels or novellas: 70+ pages

For box sets or collections with works by multiple authors, an author must have at least 15 pages of content in the collection for their followers to receive the New Release Alert.

Please note that re-releases and newly-created box sets of previously published works do not qualify for New Release Alerts.

Updated on July 9, 2020

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