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Adding audiobooks to Chirp

In order to sell audiobooks on Chirp, your titles must be available through Findaway, our distribution partner. Findaway is an audiobook distribution platform that provides audiobook files to all the major audiobook retailers, libraries, and more. 

Findaway Voices is the self-publishing arm of Findaway, and offers audiobook production services in addition to distribution services. You can add existing audiobooks to their catalog for distribution to Chirp and other retailers, or use their audiobook production services to convert new titles to audio. Learn more about Findaway Voices here.

Is one of your titles missing from Chirp?

If you’ve recently added a new title to Findaway, it may take a few days to appear on Chirp. Search www.chirpbooks.com by author name or title to check whether a book is currently available.

Updated on March 20, 2023

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