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Chirp featured deal fees

If your book is selected as a Chirp featured deal, we will charge an additional 10% royalty fee on that title during your discount period on top of Chirp’s standard royalty rate. 

This additional royalty fee only applies to sales of the featured title, and only during the duration of the deal. Sales of any other titles, both discounted and full price, during the same time period will receive your standard royalty rate. For example, if your standard royalty rate is 45%, then your royalty rate for your promoted book will be 35% during the discount period for your Chirp deal and will revert back to 45% following your promotion.   

This fee will apply to all books selected as Chirp featured deals that are submitted on or after December 1st, 2021.

No, there are not any up-front costs associated with running a Chirp promotion.

How does Chirp collect my royalty fee?

This fee will be processed directly through your distributor just like other royalties, which means you won’t see a difference in how you submit for, run, or get paid for sales from Chirp featured deals. Our team will coordinate the temporary royalty change for the duration of your deal, and your royalty will automatically revert back to its normal rate at the end of your discount period

No — this fee applies only to books that are featured in one of our daily emails, and only during the discount period for that particular promotion. Any other books you have on Chirp, including those that you might independently set up non-featured discounts for, are not subject to this fee.

Updated on February 15, 2024

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