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Promoting Chirp Audiobooks with BookBub Ads

Advertisers can promote their Chirp audiobooks with the BookBub Ads platform to reach an engaged audience of audiobook listeners. This is a fantastic new opportunity to drive sales for your Chirp audiobooks, including discounts, new releases, and box sets.

Who can run BookBub Ads targeting Chirp listeners?

Only ads using Chirp URLs as click-through-links are eligible to appear to Chirp members, so your audiobook has to be available for sale on Chirp in order for you to take advantage of this new targeting option. Learn how to add audiobooks to Chirp.

Where will my ads for Chirp books appear?

Ads for Chirp books will appear in dedicated spaces at the bottom of the daily Chirp deals emails we sent to Chirp members.

Which audiobooks should I promote?

You can promote any of your audio titles that are for sale on Chirp, but we’ve seen that ad campaigns for Chirp books priced below $5.99 drive more conversions than ads for higher-priced audiobooks. You can run ads for books selected for Chirp Audiobook Deals, or set up your own limited time price promotions through your distributor.

How can I get started?

Create a new ad in your BookBub Partner Dashboard — you’ll see a new section to select a reading format at the top of the ad creation form. Choose “audiobook listeners”, search for and select the Chirp book you want to advertise (we’ll automatically pull in the Chirp URL once you’ve added a book!), and fill out the rest of the ad form as usual.

To target Chirp members, your ad must use a Chirp URL.

Visit our blog to learn more about creating ad campaigns for Chirp books.

What if I don’t have audiobooks on Chirp?

If you have audiobooks available on other retailers, you can promote them with BookBub Ads, too: select “audiobook listeners” in the reading format section then enter a click-through URL for another audiobook retailer (Audible, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google, or Kobo) to automatically target BookBub members who purchase audiobooks from that retailer. These ads will not be eligible to target Chirp members or appear in Chirp emails.

If you want to add an existing audiobook to Chirp or create a new audiobook, you can learn more here. Or, create a new BookBub Ads campaign for one of your ebooks instead!

Updated on February 15, 2024

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