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Discounting audiobooks on Chirp

How do I discount my book for a Chirp Audiobook Deal?

You don’t need to do anything to set up the discount! If your book is selected for a Chirp Audiobook Deal, we will arrange the discount for you.

Once you confirm your promotion details, we will coordinate the discount of your audiobook in time for the day your deal is scheduled to be sent to Chirp members. Most deals are live on the Chirp website for one month. Learn more about submitting titles for Chirp Audiobook Deals here.

When you are not running a Chirp Audiobook Deal, the retail price you set for your book will be used to determine your audiobook’s on-sale price on Chirp.

Can I run my own discounts on Chirp?

You can set your Chirp audiobooks to any list price through your distributor. Authors may also coordinate limited-time discounts for their audiobooks via their distributor, though these discounts are not guaranteed to be featured in our daily emails to Chirp members.

If you are running your own discount on Chirp, we recommend using BookBub Ads to promote the discount to Chirp members and drive sales. Learn more about running ads campaigns for Chirp books here.

Updated on February 22, 2024

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