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Introduction to Chirp

What is Chirp?

Chirp is an audiobook retailer powered by BookBub that highlights unbeatable discounts on audiobooks. Chirp offers listeners access to a full catalog of audiobooks that they can purchase á la carte with no subscription fees, but focuses especially on surfacing amazing, limited-time audiobook deals in members’ favorite genres. Our team works with publishers and authors to curate new deals every day, helping our partners drive significant increases in sales, reach new readers, and boost visibility for their audio titles. Visit www.chirpbooks.com to learn more.

Chirp is only available to listeners based in the US right now, so we’re only able to work with publishers and authors selling their audiobooks in the US. However, we hope to expand to other countries in the future!

Learn how to list your audiobook titles on Chirp here.

How does Chirp work?

Chirp members sign up for free — there’s no subscription fee. All audiobook purchases on Chirp are á la carte, which means the books that members purchase through the service are theirs to keep and there’s no time frame during which they need to listen to or return the audiobook.

New Chirp members let us know their category preferences, then begin receiving daily emails with audiobook deals in their favorite genres. Members can also search the Chirp website for specific titles or browse recent releases, award-winning titles, or discounted audiobooks by genre. Listeners purchase the audiobooks they want directly from the Chirp website. They can listen to their audiobooks through the Chirp listening apps on iOS or Android devices, or stream them via a web player on www.chirpbooks.com.

The limited-time deals featured on Chirp are supplied by authors and publishers and curated by the same team of BookBub editors behind our ebook Featured Deals. Learn more about submitting deals to Chirp here.

Updated on January 13, 2020

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