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Submitting titles for Chirp Audiobook Deals

How to submit a Chirp Audiobook Deal

First, make sure your audiobook is available for sale on Chirp. You can add audiobooks to Chirp via Findaway, our distribution partner. If you’ve recently added a new title to Findaway, it may take a few days to appear on Chirp. Search www.chirpbooks.com by author name or title to check whether a book is currently available.

Next, log in to your BookBub Partner Dashboard and navigate to Chirp Audiobook Deals. You’ll manage all of your Chirp promotions through your existing BookBub partner account.

Don’t have a BookBub partner account yet? Create one here!

Fill out our simple submission form to submit your deal to our editorial team. We’re scheduling Chirp deals up to two months in advance, and we’ll let you know whether or not your audiobook has been selected for a deal within two weeks of your submission.

If your book is selected, all you’ll have to do is confirm the promotion details! We will write a short description of your audiobook highlighting the elements that will most excite our members, ask Findaway to arrange the discount for you on Chirp, and send the deal to Chirp members in your book’s category on your scheduled promotion date. Most Chirp deals are available on the Chirp website for one month.

Find tips for making your submissions as competitive as possible here.

How far in advance should I submit my Chirp deal?

We can schedule Chirp deals two months in advance, with new calendar months opening up on the 1st of each month. For example: from January 1-31, your submission would be considered for a promotion in February and March. From February 1-28, it would be considered for a promotion in March and April.

You’re welcome to note any preferred promotion dates in the comment section of the submission form. While we can’t guarantee we’ll have schedule space available, we’ll always do our best to accommodate your date preferences!

How much does it cost to run a Chirp Audiobook Deal?

Right now, there are no fees to have audiobook deals included in Chirp daily emails. We may start charging fees for featured placements in the emails and on the Chirp website, but in the early stages of the platform, there’s no cost to have your audiobook promoted.

If your book is selected as a Chirp featured deal, we will charge an additional 10% royalty fee on that title during your discount period on top of Chirp’s standard royalty rate. 

This additional royalty fee only applies to sales of the featured title, and only during the duration of the deal. Sales of any other titles, both discounted and full price, during the same time period will receive your standard royalty rate. For example, if your standard royalty rate is 45%, then your royalty rate for your promoted book will be 35% during the discount period for your Chirp deal and will revert back to 45% following your promotion.   

Submission requirements

Audiobooks must be for sale on Chirp in order to be considered for Chirp audiobook deals. Learn about adding titles to Chirp here. Most Chirp deals are priced between $0.99 and $5.99, and the discount price must be lower than the audiobook’s listed retailer price.

Please note that we may add additional submission requirements over time.

Editorial selection process

Similar to BookBub’s Featured Deal selection process, a team of editors will review all Chirp submissions to select the deals that are the best fit for Chirp members in each category.

There are a few factors the editors will consider when reviewing audiobook deals, including:

  • Book content and platform. This includes the book’s topic or plot, reader reviews and ratings, awards and other accolades, and blurbs from other authors or publications. The Chirp audience is distinct from the BookBub audience, which means trends and member preferences may differ for audiobook deals and ebook deals.
  • Audio quality. We want to ensure that Chirp members will have positive listening experiences, so the editors will listen to audiobook samples and look for reader reviews specifically on the audio edition.
  • Narrator reputation. Narrators with name recognition or those who have won audio awards can increase reader interest, which in turn can increase a book’s chances of getting selected.

You can find further tips for making your submissions as competitive as possible here.

Ready to get started?

Click here to submit an audiobook deal to our editorial team, or navigate to the Chirp Audiobook Deals section of your BookBub Partner Dashboard.

Updated on December 3, 2021

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